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Los Angeles Public Library selects CARL•Solution for the future

Los Angeles Public Library selects CARLSolution for the future

The Library Corporation is pleased to share that they will continue their partnership with the Los Angeles Public Library with the decision to extend the system’s CARLSolution contract for an additional four years.

LAPL joined the TLC family over twenty years ago with their selection of the CARLSolution ILS. In 2009, they chose to upgrade to TLC’s next generation ILS, CARLSolution. LAPL will continue its use of CARLSolution, the library platform of choice for local development partnerships and product enhancements, at its 73 libraries that circulate over 15 million items annually.

Over the years, TLC and LAPL have partnered on numerous development projects that have strengthened the core product and benefited the entire CARLSolution community. LAPL plays an integral role in the ongoing development of the LS2 PAC product, offering search and discovery, and was a strong beta partner in bringing some of its forward thinking and user-friendly functionality to the TLC customer base. Additionally, they have taken advantage of TLC’s comprehensive and well documented API offerings for local services.

TLC is looking forward to LAPL’s continued use of the CARLSolution system, and their input into product development, particularly with TLC’s newest product line, CARLConnect, that offers web-scale clients for staff functions. “We are very pleased that Los Angeles Public Library chose to continue their relationship with TLC and CARLSolution,” shared Paul Leppert, the Managing Director of TLC’s Denver Operations, “We are proud of the partnerships we have built with our libraries and the ongoing advancements we have made with our products that allows us to measure our customers’ relationships in decades.”



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