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Baker & Taylor implementation of CARL•Solution complete

Baker & Taylor implementation of CARLSOLUTION complete

Baker & Taylor has completed the second phase of its migration to CARLSolution with the company’s Customized Library Services (CLS) group implementing TLC’s next generation ILS last month. With this upgrade, CLS will join Baker & Taylor’s Corporate Cataloging Services (CCS) group that has been enjoying the expanded cataloging capabilities of the CARLSolution system since December 2014.

Baker & Taylor’s cataloging system has been hosted by TLC since 2001, when they began using CARLSolution as their cataloging software choice to provide high quality bibliographic records to their public and academic library customers. The two companies have continued a successful partnership for over 14 years. The move to CARLSolution allows Baker & Taylor’s CLS Operations to continue its growth and further enhance the customer experience.

“TLC took the core technology that is supporting the largest technical services organization in the world and migrated us to CARLSolution, without any loss in productivity or downtime.” explained Jeff McDaniel, Vice President of CLS & International Public Libraries. “In a single word, their ability to manage and deliver on this significant large scale project was brilliant.”

In addition to the sophisticated cataloging features that are already available in the CARLSolution product, Baker & Taylor implemented new functionalities tailored to support their world-class operations. And with this upgrade, Baker & Taylor reported that their efficiencies have increased by 30%. This means libraries can continue to depend on the exceptional levels of service they have come to expect from Baker & Taylor, and it translates to their communities having access to more books and digital content quicker than ever before.

CARLSolution serves the needs of some of the busiest and largest libraries in the world, and Baker & Taylor’s 6 million titles can be counted among the largest collections of bibliographic data in the United States. TLC’s development of this new feature set in partnership with Baker & Taylor strengthened the overall CARLSolution cataloging product, and benefits the entire CARLSolution user community.

Paul Leppert, Vice President and Managing Director of TLC Denver shared, “A successful partnership requires teamwork and collaboration. TLC is pleased to have Baker & Taylor as a customer and, through our work together, we have been able to build a better product offering for both companies.”

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