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TLC Integration with LibraryH3lp Complete

TLC Integration with LibraryH3lp Complete

The Library Corporation is pleased to announce that LibraryH3lp’s live chat service is now fully integrated with their LS2 PAC for CARL online public access catalog (OPAC), building on TLC’s long standing commitment to ensure libraries can meet the evolving needs of their customers. “TLC understands the importance of proactive and efficient customer service, and also knows that modern support expectations are growing to anticipate instant gratification. Partnering with LibraryH3lp to bring the option of real-time reference and chat services to our customers and their users was a perfect fit,” shared Marisa Wood, TLC Denver’s subject matter expert for the CARLX web APIs and LS2 PAC product.

CARL libraries will now be able to implement a customizable chat widget directly into their LS2 PAC online catalog, and support their customers with flexible staffing options that allow for file sharing and email transcript functions, among other services. Amy Shelton, CIO of Nub Games, the company that produces LibraryH3lp said, “TLC is going the extra mile for the CARL customer base and their communities and placing a spotlight on the importance of real-time customer service. One of LibraryH3lp’s goals is to make it easy to provide help to patrons, whenever and wherever they need it, by offering a flexible API for live chat integration with other systems. Our partnership with TLC realizes that goal for anyone utilizing the LS2 PAC online catalog.”

To hear more about TLC’s certification process for third party vendors and products, or request additional information about the full TLC product line, email To learn more about LibraryH3lp’s trusted and modern customer service software platform visit the LibraryH3lp website.

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LibraryH3lp first appeared in 2008 and grew out of an after-hours virtual reference collaborative service between Duke, NCSU, and UNC-Chapel Hill. LibraryH3lp is now the premier software platform used by libraries, non-profits, and education for better customer service.


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