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Nashville Public Library System and Metro Nashville Public Schools Select CARL•Solution

Nashville Public Library System and Metro Nashville Public Schools Select CARLSolution

The Library Corporation (TLC) is pleased to announce that the Nashville Public Library System (NPL) and Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) have selected CARLSolution as their next integrated library system. As a longstanding member of the TLC family, MNPS have been using the Library•Solution for Schools automation system since 2003 and have worked closely with TLC on the growth of their Limitless Libraries partnership that began in 2009. According to their website, “Limitless Libraries is a cooperative program of NPL and MNPS with the goal of improving school libraries, fostering resource sharing between the two institutions, and improving student access to learning materials.” This highly successful program contributed to NPL’s selection as a 2010 recipient of the IMLS National Medal for Museum and Library Service, and is continuing to grow today as the White House driven ConnectED Initiative works to highlight the importance of connected classrooms and an enriched education for every K -12 student in America.

In searching for a solution that will deliver the best possible services to the 128 schools of MNPS and the 22 branches of the NPS, support the goals of Limitless Libraries, and still accommodate the unique requirements of each community, CARLSolution became the clear choice. “NPL and MNPS libraries look forward to working with TLC to improve library services across the board. We were especially impressed with the features of the web client, CARLConnect, which we feel will improve circulation at both the school and public libraries. TLC is also known for excellent customer service which is one of several factors that gave them an edge over the competition,” shared Jennifer Lane, Shared Systems Coordinator with NPL.

CARL’s commitment to bringing mobility and innovation to the forefront through the CARLConnect web-based product line, an open data business model to provide valuable insight into library data, and flexible and focused development partnerships, will be the perfect fit to take NPL and MNPS to the next level together and build upon the positive collaboration that has been in place for over 13 years promising long term success. Paul Leppert, Managing Director of TLC Denver Operations elaborated, “We are excited to have the Nashville Public Library System join with the Metro Nashville Public Schools in the TLC family and look forward to helping both institutions leverage our systems and services to further improve resource sharing and collaboration. We know that their patrons will appreciate the steps they are taking to create a seamless experience while also taking a significant step forward with functionality and technology access.”

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