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TLC’s CARL•Solution Announces Full Compatibility with Edelweiss Analytics

TLC’s CARLSolution Announces Full Compatibility with Edelweiss Analytics

The Library Corporation (TLC) and Above the Treeline are pleased to announce compatibility between CARLSolution and the Edelweiss Analytics library collection management service. The Library Corporation (TLC) and Above the Treeline are pleased to announce compatibility between CARLSolution and the Edelweiss Analytics library collection management service. Launched at the American Library Association Annual Conference in June of 2015, Edelweiss Analytics provides libraries with up-to-date data information to improve circulation, as well as provide greater insight into what their patrons want. 

TLC continues to introduce new services to support modern business intelligence activities for its library users around the world, and their integration with Edelweiss Analytics bolsters their commitment to building third-party partnerships that support libraries. TLC Denver’s Director of Product Strategy, Lorrie Pacheco-Butler elaborated, “Since its inception, TLC’s CARLSolution product has made ease of use and access to data a priority within its open-data platform. We continue to build products and third-party relationships that offer libraries the ability to implement processes and strategies based on their measurement of existing services.” 

Chicago Public Library (CPL), a CARLSolution library, has incorporated the Edelweiss Analytics solution into their collection development and management processes and has been using it successfully. TLC worked closely with the library system and Above the Treeline to schedule, export and deliver accurate and real-time materials information directly from the CARLSolution database using TLC’s sophisticated Ad-Hoc Reports. Above the Treeline’s ability to analyze this data and provide several layers of information for review will undoubtedly help CPL and other TLC libraries maximize their circulation and make the most of their collections. Speaking on the partnership with TLC, Ruth Bradstreet, Director of Client Services at Above the Treeline shared, “We were thrilled to have CPL interested in our fledgling product right from the start. TLC’s openness and responsiveness in providing integrated data feeds from CARLSolution was the key factor in making this possible. We value the partnership with TLC very much, and look forward to seeing more CARLSolution libraries implementing Edelweiss Analytics in the near future.” 

To learn more about TLC’s streamlined certification process for third-party vendors and products, or request additional information about the full TLC product line, email or call 1.800.325.7759. To hear more about Above the Treeline’s groundbreaking Edelweiss Analytics tool, and how it could benefit your collection management, visit  

About Above the Treeline 
Above the Treeline, LLC was formed in 2002 to provide independent booksellers with web-based analytical tools to help manage inventory and improve sales. The company expanded its services with the launch of Edelweiss in 2009, which has since seen rapid and widespread adoption within the publishing community. Today, Edelweiss is the place to find, learn about and order titles, and download advanced review copies for thousands of book-industry professionals. Edelweiss Analytics for libraries builds on and blends both these products and the experience that created them. Above the Treeline is a private company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.



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