CARL continues to lead libraries into the future

CARL continues to lead libraries into the future

The Library Corporation is pleased to announce our latest product updates with the release of CARLX v9.6, CARLConnect Staff v1.5, and CARLX APIs v1.9.3.

We focused this round of CARLX development on completing technical and foundational changes to increase flexibility. Updates to Red Hat, Oracle and Lucene combine with our improved Intellectual Identifier functionality and establish a data foundation for TLC’s FRBRized catalog view, scheduled to be available with CARLConnect Discovery in Fall 2018.

The FRBRized catalog view will eliminate a long-standing user experience gap, enabling users to find, identify, select and obtain library materials in a much more intuitive way than with traditional library catalogs. These innovations will “offer a fresh perspective on the structure and relationships of bibliographic and authority records, and [adds] a more precise vocabulary to help future cataloging rule makers and system designers in meeting user needs,” according to a statement by The Library of Congress.

We’ve implemented dynamic generation of Intellectual Identifiers (IIDs) in CARLX v9.6. This functionality will now match identical intellectual content using a proprietary algorithm that assigns a single Trusted Record to the group of content within the CARLX database—all without library staff intervention!

The v1.5 release of CARLConnect Staff demonstrates TLC’s “development partnership” business model. Improvements to the Check Out, Fill List, and Item Edit features were made based on feedback gathered from CARLX library customers. Library staff will also find readability and access improvements within the user interface.

Enhancements to the login workflow provide even more flexibility when using CARLX, allowing users to quickly identify which branch they are logged into and where all system actions will be associated. Security settings were also made more granular in this update to increase staff efficiencies.

TLC is also excited to announce that Check-In functionality is now available with Self CheckConnect in v1.5. Integrated into CARLConnect, younger users can enjoy a playful, independent interface when reviewing library materials with Self CheckConnect.

With CARLX APIs v1.9.3, TLC continues to offer new and updated web APIs that support the development of CARLX v9.6, CARLConnect Staff v1.5, and the overall product line. Updates were made to the Administration, Circulation, Item, and Patron Services. As always, these APIs are released to CARLX customers and third party development partners.

These CARLX updates continue to establish the dependability that CARLX users are familiar with, and evolve those expectations with industry leading technology. To learn more about the CARLX product line and any of the exciting new features, contact or visit

About The Library Corporation:
TLC has operated continuously under the same ownership since 1974 and employs over 200 people dedicated to delivering enterprise software and hardware solutions to public, school, academic, and special libraries worldwide. TLC’s cumulative products are deployed in more than 1,100 organizations, representing over 5,500 locations in North America. TLC is certified by the U.S. General Services Administration, Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, and the Women Owned Small Business Federal Contracting Program. TLC’s Headquarters is based in Inwood, WV., and has additional offices in Denver, Minnesota, and Singapore.






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