Library•Solution upgrades to version 5.4.1

Library•Solution upgrades to version 5.4.1

The Library Corporation announces the release of LibrarySolution version 5.4.1.  This new release includes many features in the ILS, most noteworthy the ease of use with batch editing in cataloging.  Batch editing has been simplified by making titles and items editable with a drop-down menu for TLC’s web-based, award winning software, LS2 Cataloging.

Other features focus on increasing operational efficiencies for libraries, such as new holdings and record views that librarians can use to compare records. The decision to include the ability to compare records was inspired by traditional retail workflows.

“If you can shop online, you can compare and move holdings,” says Jamison Reynolds, a Senior Product Manager with TLC. This change is critical, aiding libraries using v5.4 in maintaining their data and eliminating redundancy in the public access catalog.

With v5.4, we have improved some aesthetic functionality as well. The LS2 Launch Page will now enable library staff with proper permissions to add and edit a custom message for display to staff. The overlay of OSA and vendor records is enhanced, and libraries that utilize OSA can use v5.4’s import functionality to replace temporary holding information with permanent holding information. Moreover, libraries that order items and have used TLC’s LS2 Cataloging to create temporary holdings can use a new import feature to update temporary information with permanent, vendor supplied, holding information.

Our development team remains focused on ensuring our customers benefit from TLC’s strong partnerships and integration commitments. Libraries using Edelweiss, EDS, Melcat, Novelist Select, and Titlewave that require regular updates will have a more streamlined record extract utility that improves user and staff experiences. Since TLC always aims to integrate new features that embrace our partners, LibrarySolution v.5.4.1 introduces automatic retrieval of Mackin MARC records, staging those records to be loaded into the catalog. Libraries using Mackin Educational Resources will be able to spend more time with students and staff members, instead of downloading Mackin MARC records from external sources.

We believe that our partnership with Mackin makes TLC the vendor of choice for any library that already utilizes Mackin Educational Resources and is looking for a new ILS solution.

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