CARL•Connect Staff’s tablet-friendly design praised for expediting staff workflows

CARL•Connect Staff’s tablet-friendly design praised for expediting staff workflows

After experiencing record circulation numbers of over 3 million items in 2017, Lexington Public Library in Kentucky went live with CARL in December of 2018. Since launch, Lexington Public Library has used CARLConnect Staff throughout all their branch locations.

CARLConnect Staff is a modern, web-based staff client designed by TLC to improve customer service by empowering connection through desk-free interactions. Using the sophisticated logic of CARLX, the product adds flexibility for library staff members whenever—and wherever—patrons need assistance.

“The tablet-friendly design of CARLConnect Staff has empowered our staff to abandon paper lists for pulling daily holds and to assist customers at their point of need anywhere in the library,” says Bobby Webb, a Virtual Branch Manager for Lexington Public Library. “The freedom from a traditional PC workstation and the convenience of cloud-based software updates are helping [Lexington Public Library’s] workflow to evolve from a customer service and a system maintenance perspective,” Webb said, adding that Lexington “eagerly awaits” the arrival of more web-based functionality to support future innovation.

TLC recently released updates to CARLConnect Staff in version 1.6 that enhance the User Overview function. Check-in and check-out capabilities were improved to provide library staff with the ability to view outstanding transactions on a user’s account without having to navigate to account specific interfaces. The new User Overview feature is accessed during check-in or check-out with one-click hyperlinks and cuts out time-consuming steps that traditionally could bottleneck the process for librarians.

When User Overview is opened, library staff have access to all relevant patron data, including check-out, holds, and fine information. The interface is designed to display all the information in sortable, one tap tabs and columns. Librarians can scroll both vertically and horizontally, quickly navigating from items currently checked-out, charges, overdues, and lost items to holds information like In Queue, In Transit, and Ready for Pickup on a user’s account. The improvements to the User Overview were made to enhance workflows for librarians after consulting with TLC’s CARLX customers. For more information, contact

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