Updates to Library•Solution shows TLC’s commitment to user experience

Updates to Library•Solution shows TLC’s commitment to user experience

The Library Corporation is pleased to announce the release of LibrarySolution version 5.5.2.  The numerous features included in this iteration of LibrarySolution builds upon TLC’s goal of creating the industry’s leading library management platform to provide users with operational efficiency.

The most significant update to LibrarySolution version 5.5.2 is the development of new inventory workflows.  Users will immediately notice improvements due to the integration of inventory workflows into LS2 Cataloging, TLC’s award-winning cataloging tool. Users will no longer need to utilize a separate module to access inventory.  Other workflow improvements include the ability for users to see which staff members scanned specific items, expected remaining item counts and to check shelf order in real-time. Patty Windsor, the Senior Library Systems Specialist at Denton ISD in Denton, Texas and a TLC customer since 2003, is incredibly pleased with the recent inventory changes.  “One wonderful thing is that it is going to clearly show that they may have missed scanning a shelf somewhere when they see that there are way more showing as ‘remaining’ then there should be when they review the inventory status BEFORE they choose to set items to missing.  This enables them to scan more items in if needed after reviewing the inventory status.” Windsor continued to say, “I think I hear a choir of angels singing.

TLC values not only the partnerships it has developed with libraries since its founding in 1974, but also with leaders in the library industry.  Because of this, TLC is excited to announce the continuing partnership with IBM with the deployment of Cognos 11.0.13 to LibrarySolution customers.  In addition, TLC has taken additional development steps to further integrate with partners such as Patron Point, Quipu and Google.

Automatic Item Renewals becomes available in LibrarySolution version 5.5.2.  Fully configurable based on the library’s policies and settings, this feature is a highly sought request from many libraries.  The improvements to Online Borrower Registration, including the addition of multilingual options, additional batch change functionality in LS2 Cataloging as well as navigational improvements to LS2 Cataloging, are also notable additions to LibrarySolution version 5.5.2.

LibrarySolution version 5.5.2 is now available for implementation. To learn more about or upgrade to LibrarySolution v5.5.2, or any of the exciting new features, contact info@tlcdelivers.com.

About The Library Corporation:
TLC has operated continuously under the same ownership since 1974 and employs over 200 people dedicated to delivering enterprise software and hardware solutions to public, school, academic, and special libraries worldwide. TLC’s cumulative products are deployed in more than 1,100 organizations, representing over 5,500 locations in North America. TLC is certified by the U.S. General Services Administration, Women’s Business Enterprise National Council and the Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contracting Program. TLC’s Headquarters is based in Inwood, W.Va., and has additional offices in Denver, Minnesota, and Singapore.  To learn more, visit TLCdelivers.com.




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