TLC introduces Syndetics Unbound in Latest Release of Library•Solution

TLC introduces Syndetics Unbound in Latest Release of Library•Solution

Dynamic catalog enrichment for LibrarySolution is now available through ProQuest’s Syndetics Unbound

The Library Corporation (TLC), has brought yet another innovation to the library software marketplace.  With the latest release of LibrarySolution, TLC will be introducing ProQuest’s popular Syndetics Unbound catalog enrichment tool into Library Management Software with a deliberate and unique integration, leveraging the enriched elements for both patron discovery and staff usability.  

The Library Corporation pioneered enriched public catalog content in the mid-nineteen-nineties during the explosive growth of LibrarySolution, being among the first Library Management Systems in the world to offer enriched bibliographic content. TLC’s work with ProQuest and the advanced integration of Syndetics Unbound content are exciting steps in LibrarySolution’s evolution.

Syndetics Unbound provides librarians, parents, and students with a simple, fluid search experience for finding the right content in a library’s collection by enriching the library’s online catalog with descriptive elements like:

  • Book information – cover images, summaries, book profiles, reading levels and the ability to “look inside”
  • Details about the author – biographies and “next in series”
  • Discovery – “you may also like,” and “also available as”
  • Multimedia content – details on DVDs, Blue-ray, CDs, streaming media and video games

LS2 PAC, TLC’s integrated discovery layer within LibrarySolution’s award-winning library management software will begin incorporating Syndetics Unbound content with an additional multi-tiered subscription service–beginning in TLC’s latest release. TLC has ensured that the enhanced content displays in the PAC in customized locations, ensuring the content supports the existing design and functionality of the catalog–as opposed to being displayed in one central location.

“We believe that library staff, regardless of library type, value accurate and up-to-date content that enables their borrowers to make informed decisions about the library resources they wish to use,” stated Sarah Simmons, a product manager with TLC.  “We’re excited to provide our libraries with richer content that supports greater discovery.”

But, TLC went a step further in its integration of Syndetics Unbound to bring this content to its customers.

When the newest addition of LibrarySolution launches, Syndetics Unbound subscribers will also be able to see all additional Unbound content inside of LS2 Cataloging at the point of bringing a record into the system, even before the record is saved locally.  

“The exposed content within LS2 Cataloging allows staff to review a title’s content before the record is saved to the database and displayed to their borrowers,” stated Simmons.  “We then went further, providing staff with functionality that allows them to report missing or incorrect content directly to Syndetics Unbound on their own, cutting out the reporting middle-man altogether.”

“We are excited to continue our long-standing collaboration with TLC”, said Doug McMillan, ProQuest Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Licensing – Data Products,  “We’re confident TLC’s customers and their users will enjoy workflow improvements and richer discovery of the library catalog through this unique integration of Syndetics Unbound within LibrarySolution”.

About The Library Corporation:
TLC has operated continuously under the same ownership since 1974 and employs over 200 people dedicated to delivering enterprise software and hardware solutions to public, school, academic, and special libraries worldwide. TLC’s cumulative products are deployed in more than 1,100 organizations, representing over 5,500 locations in North America. TLC is certified by the U.S. General Services Administration, Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, and the Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contracting Program. TLC’s Headquarters is based in Inwood, W.Va., and has additional offices in Denver, Minnesota, and Singapore.




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