Latest CARL Features Promote Library-Centric Workflows

Latest CARL Features Promote Library-Centric Workflows

The Library Corporation (TLC) develops software with an understanding of library workflows and the needs of TLC customers in mind. With the latest product release of the CARL integrated library system, TLC continues to provide features that improve operational efficiency, which can be found in CARLX™ version 9.6.8, CARLConnect Staff version 1.6.4, CARLConnect Discovery version and CARLX™ APIs version 1.9.8.

One feature that helps librarians save time when handling items in a damaged or less-than-ideal condition is the new Damaged Items functionality in CARLConnect Staff. Library staff can mark items as Damaged, which will automatically perform the next actions for those items — remove from the patron account if checked out, change item status to Damaged, replace the hold if checking it in would have filled a hold — all in one place and with one scan.

“TLC nailed the ‘Damage’ check in,” said Wennie Fleming, the ILS Librarian of Technology Services at Loudoun County Public Library. “What was a 21 step process for staff is now simply two steps! This functionality available in both CARLX 9.6.8 and CARLConnect Staff 1.6.4 is amazing and will save tons of time for staff.” As with all CARL features, the Damaged Items page meets compliance for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act for improved accessibility.

Another favorite of TLC customers and TLC Staff is the updated Not Found functionality, now called Wander List, in CARLConnect Staff. In previous versions, items which had not been found on the shelves from the Fill List (holds pulling process) were added to the Not Found list for later handling. As items tend to wander off the shelves and out existence at the library, items not found from Fill Lists, Missing Lists, and Lost Lists can all be managed within the Wander List feature.

The latest updates now also include capabilities for library staff to withdraw or check in items directly from the Wander List, and display updated status columns and number of title holds for easy reference and convenience. As Manager for the CARL Product, Ebony Pacheco-Hoos says, “Not all items that wander are lost.” These updates allow library staff to manage wandering items with fewer clicks and fewer screens.

These latest features join others in the CARL product suite update targeted at efficient library workflows, improved technical foundations, and further Mobile version development, which was an overall priority CARL customers shared with TLC staff at the annual user conference. Additional updates include Google Analytics integration, customizable Hold Shelf Expiration days, new tokens in Message Editor, customer-requested spine label sizes, check in sounds, FRBRized title details within mobile, enhanced location settings, and reverse chronological magazine and serials displays.

To see these features for yourself, or to answer any questions you may have about CARLX™, CARLConnect Staff, CARLConnect Discovery, or the power of CARLX™ APIs, please reach out to us at or online at

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