Latest Advancements for TLC’s CARL•Solution Integrated Library System

Latest Advancements for TLC’s CARL•Solution Integrated Library System

The Library Corporation (TLC) develops with the modern library in mind. With the latest product release of the CARLSolution integrated library system, TLC continues its web-based product developments for a more complete online experience. The release includes new functionality in CARLX version 9.7.2, CARLConnect Staff version 1.6.8, CARLConnect Discovery version 3.6.6, and CARLSolution APIs version 2.0.2.

CARLSolution Acquisitions have long been an advanced module in the CARLX windows-based client. The latest release brings more of those capabilities into the CARLConnect web-based solution. Enhancements include invoice retrieval and display, plus related granular APIs. Library staff with permissions can access a grid of invoices with orders and special charges displayed.

Similar workflow enhancements continue throughout this CARLSolution release. Library staff will enjoy sticky grid sizing options and new information returned from BID searches. Patrons will appreciate the updated Saved Lists experience. Now, borrowers can view item availability without an extra click, with defaults for their preferred branch in place. The product team considers accessibility and overall customer satisfaction in every release.

Additionally, CARLSolution stands out with its granular permissions and administrative capabilities. New developments provide better control over branch hours without support intervention. More settings allow for varied privileges toward engaging with lost items and patrons with blocks.

TLC continues its enhancements around shelf management and inventory processes. Now, CARLSolution integrates with RFID inventory wands, such as the CircTrak from Tech Logic. Items now include a “Last Seen Date” for better collection tracking and in-house circulation reports.

Over 81% of CARLSolution customers have upgraded to the latest version since its release earlier this fall, with more in the queue. Many CARLSolution customers previewed upcoming functionality at TLC’s annual user conference, TLCU 2022, and have expressed great excitement for features to come.

The latest release of CARLSolution is available now. For a demo or for more information, please contact


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