Library•Solution v5.7 Revolutionizes Report Writing for Non-Experts

Library•Solution v5.7 Revolutionizes Report Writing for Non-Experts

The latest release of LibrarySolution is now available from The Library Corporation (TLC). Version 5.7 introduces a new report authoring framework to streamline complex reports and a comprehensive suite of serial management tools. Early adopters noted the upgrade was straightforward.

Version 5.7 and 5.7.1 continue TLC’s development theme of software designed for operational efficiency. This release package presents anticipated features by customers still using version 4.x and those who have already transitioned to v5.x.

Like the revolutionary cataloging module, the new report authoring no longer requires specialization. Report authors can now write custom report templates from an accessible, drag-and-drop interface. Dashboards enable quick views of lists, pivot tables, and visualizations for specific borrower, item, and activity data.

New serial functionality focuses on streamlining metadata entry and subscription automation. Notifications provide helpful alerts around expected issues on a subscription. The latest comprehensive development included pattern recognition, circulation workflows, PAC display, and full metrics.

“Providing efficient workflows enables our customers to spend less time on the tactical and more time creating customer value,” said Sam Brenizer, Director of Product Management for LibrarySolution. “Streamlined solutions that create value and excite customers are crucial to a vibrant ILS.”

Full release notes are available to customers via LSCommunity. Other highlights include:

  • Improved database performance for ITSMARC Authorities
  • Proactive security development
  • New tag management and improved tagging capabilities
  • New permissions around holding codes, reducing the need for support intervention
  • Improvements to Z39.50 search profiles for OCLC customers
  • Improvements to import functionality.

The latest release of LibrarySolution is available now. Customers who choose to upgrade may submit a ticket to begin scheduling the upgrade process. For a LibrarySolution demo, please contact


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