Waukee Public Library System (IA) Launches TLC•Go! Mobile App

Waukee Public Library System (IA) Launches TLC•Go! Mobile App

The Library Corporation (TLC) is excited to announce that the Waukee Public Library (WPL) is officially live with TLC•Go! — the latest mobile app solution provided by TLC. Those who live in and around Waukee, Iowa, can now access their favorite library services via Android and iOS, thanks to a seamless connection between TLC•Go! and WPL’s integrated library system, LibrarySolution.

The Waukee Public Library circulates over 270,000 titles per year. Integrating TLC•Go! allows community members to access these titles, along with eResources, from the ease and comfort of their homes. Opening an app is easier than using search engines to find the catalog whenever a patron needs to place a hold or connect with their account.

“Having an app has really helped us meet our patrons where they are,” said Laura Hanson, Technical Services Manager for Waukee Public Library. “We have a very tech-savvy community, and the app allows them to connect to us in a more consistent way. We try to be patron-focused in our approach to library service, and the app allows us to do that.”

TLC•Go!’s built-in Click & Collect feature has been notably convenient for WPL curbside services. The dashboard provides an all-in-one spot for simplified staff-side management, while the patron experience is similar to expected commercial apps, such as Target or similar stores. Hanson shared, “Patrons especially like that they no longer have to schedule a pick-up in advance. This fits better into their lives than scheduling in advance like we had to do previously.”

Additionally, the library staff has significant control over the design and content of the app. “We like that TLC•Go! gives us workflows to display suggested titles and items coming soon,” said Hanson. “We love how easy it was to build a winter reading tab to link our winter reading webpage.”

“TLC has been amazing to work with (but truthfully they always are),” said Hanson, following the implementation of the new app. “I felt like every step of the way, we had guidance on what was happening and what was expected or needed of us. Any issues or questions we had were quickly resolved. We also really appreciated how easy the  process was from our end, which is clearly a sign of the preemptive work done on TLC’s part.”

Amber Downs, Project Manager at TLC, returned the sentiment shared by the staff at Waukee Public Library, adding that TLC•Go! provides accessibility on a whole new level. We have resources and the library catalog available whenever it is wanted or needed. The positive impact it has on the community is always significant.”

To see the library app in action, search Waukee Public Library in Google Play or the App Store. For more information on procuring your own mobile library app, please contact TLC at sales@tlcdelivers.com.

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