Middlesex School (MA) Launches TLC•Go! Mobile App

Middlesex School (MA) Launches TLC•Go! Mobile App

The Library Corporation (TLC) is delighted to announce its first implementation of TLC•Go! as a school library mobile app solution. At the start of the fall semester, students attending Middlesex School, an independent secondary school near Concord, Massachusetts, began accessing their favorite Warburg Library services and other school resources via Android or iOS. TLC•Go!’s seamless integration with the library’s automation system, LibrarySolution for Schools, made for a smooth implementation.

Middlesex hosts over 400 students in grades 9-12, with 70% boarding on campus. The campus library, Warburg Library, carries over 43,000 physical materials in addition to its extensive digital collection. Integrating TLC•Go! has allowed students to access titles and eResources — such as links to Sora materials — from anywhere on campus or at home, in a convenient all-in-one library app.

The app has been live for a full semester now at Middlesex. “Having the library in the palm of your hand makes it so much easier for our students to find what they are looking for,” said Jeff Smith, Director of Warburg Library. “No more jotting down call numbers on post-it notes.”

Staff at the school can customize the app from the Content Management System to update resources and announcements throughout the semester. Customizable settings in the app allow students to change the language, layout, brightness, and notifications. Native accessibility features also impact the app display for equitable access for all students.

“By fostering a lifelong love of learning and teaching crucial information literacy skills, libraries are — at their core — the heart of our academic organizations,” declared Annette Murphy, CEO of TLC. “We appreciate the opportunity to support Warburg Library’s mission and offer TLC•Go! and LibrarySolution for Schools as portals into their invaluable library services.”

To see the library app in action, search Warburg Library MX School in Google Play or the App Store. For more information on procuring your own mobile library app, please contact TLC at sales@tlcdelivers.com.

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