Latest CARL•Solution Release Introduces Much-Anticipated Features

Latest CARL•Solution Release Introduces Much-Anticipated Features

The Library Corporation (TLC) is pleased to announce the latest release of the CARLSolution integrated library system. Based directly on their feedback, customers will enjoy a redesigned interface in CARLConnect Staff, new Holds Management functionality, and the addition of PayPal as an eCommerce option for CARLConnect Discovery Desktop and Mobile. Development also focused on updates to existing functionality and emerging needs and priorities.

Library staff will notice a newly redesigned interface for CARLConnect Staff Items. After gathering feedback from customers about the previous format, TLC developers worked to introduce the intuitive grid view that has become a standard of CARLSolution. The page now allows users with the appropriate permissions the ability to access the “add an item” page with one simple click of a button. Holds counts and statistical information at the bibliographic and item level are available in an easy-to-read view at the top. 

“We are building CARLConnect to be a comprehensive solution,” shared Ebony Pacheco-Hoos, Director of Product Management, Publics. “Feedback from our customers is critical as we refactor the web-based experience.”

The release introduces Holds Management functionality into CARLConnect, an adaption from the previously available CARLX windows-based features. The Holds grid allows staff to work with items on the Hold Shelf or In Transit to their branch. Staff can see a large amount of data within the grid, and work directly with specific items. TLC has added the ability to Cancel a Hold or to Clear an Expired hold from this title-level interface, with additional actions planned for future releases. In addition, the Claim Returned functionality can now be accessed in the User Overview Interactions. This permissions-based functionality allows staff to select Claim Returned from the Checkouts tab of User Overview, and select one or more branches to complete the claim.

Accessibility remains a top consideration when features are moved from CARLX to CARLConnect. “As we develop, we evaluate WCAG-friendly design on all of our new pages, and re-evaluate on any pages that we update,” stated Jessica Seybold, CARLSolution Product Owner and UX designer.

This release unrolls PayPal as an additional eCommerce option for CARLConnect Discovery Desktop and Mobile. PayPal implementation offers users a PayPal button directly from the My Account Fines page. Since eCommerce remains a local configuration-based setting, libraries can choose one eCommerce option per configuration; it is possible to use a combination of multiple eCommerce options such as PayPal and Authorize.Net within a library system, on a configuration basis.

Other features in this release further support TLC’s security-first design principles, providing a secure client connection without the need for a VPN tunnel. Development also included updated server thread handling which will improve behind-the-scenes processes for SIP2, authority changes, and global updates. Additionally, the Google Analytics integration was updated to reference the latest code.

The latest release of CARLSolution includes CARLX version 9.7.3, CARLConnect Staff version 1.6.9, CARLConnect Discovery version 3.6.7, and CARLAPIs version 2.0.3.

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