Employee Spotlight: Calvin Whittington, Director of Finance

Employee Spotlight: Calvin Whittington, Director of Finance

In honor of TLC’s 50th Anniversary, we are highlighting our employees that have dedicated their time and talents to the success of our libraries. 

As the Director of Finance of The Library Corporation (TLC), Calvin Whittington has spent an impressive 37 years shaping the financial landscape of TLC. 

Calvin joined the company as a Controller. Over the years, his responsibilities expanded, leading him to his current role as Director of Finance. When asked about his favorite aspect of working at TLC, Calvin responded, “The people.” It’s clear his passion for his job is deeply intertwined with the relationships he’s cultivated over nearly four decades. Additionally, when asked about his favorite product feature, Calvin didn’t hesitate to mention, “We do what it takes to make Librarians happy.” 

Reflecting on his career, Calvin recounts the reason he decided to join the staff at TLC. “I was inspired by the owners,” he shares. This sentiment underscores the importance of leadership and vision in fostering a workplace culture where employees feel valued and motivated. 

Outside of his professional life, Calvin enjoys hitting the greens. Golf serves as a beloved hobby, offering a chance to unwind and recharge.

Calvin Whittington’s journey at The Library Corporation exemplifies the rewards of dedication, passion, and a people-first approach to business. Calvin’s impact at TLC extends far beyond the balance sheets, leaving a lasting mark on both the company and the communities it serves.





Lis Greiner