Employee Spotlight: Brian Crosen, Senior Engineer

Employee Spotlight: Brian Crosen, Senior Engineer

In honor of TLC’s 50th Anniversary, we are highlighting our employees that have dedicated their time and talents to the success of our libraries. 

Today’s spotlight features Brian Crosen, a Senior Engineer who has been at TLC for 26 years. Brian’s journey at TLC began as a Developer, and he has since progressed to the role of Senior Engineer, playing an integral role in the company’s progression of products and services.

Brian’s favorite aspect of his job is the opportunity to upgrade TLC’s products continually. “Improving security and taking advantage of newer technologies is incredibly rewarding,” Brian shares. His dedication to enhancing TLC’s offerings reflects his commitment to providing customers with the best possible solutions. For Brian, joining TLC was an opportunity to pursue his passion close to home. “Starting out early in my career, TLC was one of the few locally hiring companies where I could find a position in my field without having to drive a long distance into the city,” he explains.

One of Brian’s proudest accomplishments is his role in developing Online Selection & Acquisitions (OSA). “I’m the original author of most of the code for this product,” Brian explains. “OSA has been serving our customers virtually non-stop since the year 2000, and we continue to improve on it to make it stronger and more secure over time.”

With a variety of features to choose from, Brian highlights the Inventory component as a personal favorite. “I was heavily involved in developing it,” he says, emphasizing his hands-on contribution to its creation. Through his years at TLC, Brian has learned invaluable lessons. “Don’t rush things,” he advises. “Take the time needed to plan designs, communicate effectively, write clean code, and test thoroughly. This saves everyone more time in the long run.”

Outside of work, Brian enjoys a diverse range of hobbies. “Playing Xbox games, repairing things that break, and spending time with family,” he shares, offering a glimpse into his life outside the office. Brian’s favorite genre is science fiction, reflecting his fascination with imaginative storytelling and futuristic concepts.

Brian’s advice to TLC’s customers is: “If you have ideas for improvements or enhancements, don’t keep them to yourself. Contact TLC and tell us! We’re always improving, and your ideas are a large part of what makes those improvements happen.”

The Library Corporation celebrates Brian Crosen for his unwavering dedication, his innovative spirit, and his commitment to the company’s shared vision. His contributions have been instrumental in shaping TLC’s success.





Lis Greiner