Employee Spotlight: Charlie Green, Director of IT

Employee Spotlight: Charlie Green, Director of IT

In honor of TLC’s 50th Anniversary, we are highlighting our employees who have dedicated their time and talents to the success of our libraries. 

Today, we shine the spotlight on Charlie Green, who has been a member of The Library Corporation (TLC) team for 35 years. Currently serving as the Director of IT, Charlie began at TLC as a Computer Room Operator, eventually progressing to Comp Room Manager. He also took on LS installs back in the days of Oracle 7.4, showcasing his extensive experience and dedication to TLC’s technology infrastructure.

One of Charlie’s favorite aspects of his job is the close-knit relationships cultivated within TLC. “The family-type relations we have here at TLC are what I cherish the most,” Charlie shares. This strong sense of camaraderie underscores TLC’s supportive and collaborative work environment.

Reflecting on his journey, Charlie traces his inspiration for joining TLC to the early days of his career. “I started on night shift in the computer room, which is now the Admin area,” Charlie recalls. “Drawing floor plans of libraries so that patrons could locate books in the catalog was a pivotal part of my role.”

Charlie’s career at TLC is marked by numerous achievements, including pioneering initiatives in technology. “TLC was the first in the world to put data, sound, and pictures on a CD,” Charlie proudly shares. His journey spans from building PACs on standalone PCs to network servers, highlighting his role in advancing TLC’s technological capabilities.

Charlie reflects on the lessons he has learned through his extensive tenure at TLC. “Take pride in innovation and adaptability,” Charlie advises. His experience underscores TLC’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technology evolution. Outside of work, Charlie indulges in one of his favorite hobbies—fishing. 

TLC appreciates Charlie’s contributions and looks forward to the continued advancements he will lead at TLC in the years ahead.





Lis Greiner