MARC Option → eBiblioFile OCLC
Cost → $1.00 (USD) $1.50 (USD)
Billing cycle → monthly quarterly
Record type → full (minimum free record when full record not available at time of ordering) full (opt in “Less than full” records when full not available)
Turnaround time → 1-2 business days 2-3 business days for already cataloged titles
MARC format → MARC21 MARC21
Customization available → 245 (title statement), 300 (physical description), 655 (index term) and 856 (public note) only yes, may be a charge depending on the edit
Ready to load → yes yes
Delivery method → email FTP
OCLC Control Number present → no yes
Video format supported → optional no
Advantage supported → yes yes
Metered/Simultaneous Access MARC supported → optional optional
Non-English records (Double-byte) → yes no