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Grand Island Public Library Excited to Implement Library•Solution

The Library Corporation (TLC) is delighted to announce the recent implementation of LibrarySolution for Grand Island Public Library in Grand Island, Nebraska. The library has been looking forward to the completely web-based and hosted library system that LibrarySolution provides, as well as the eIntegration and dedicated Kids PAC solutions for their borrowers.

Located in Central Nebraska along the Platte River, Grand Island’s diverse community is populated by about 50,000 residents locally, and over 200,000 in the surrounding rural area. Grand Island Public Library continues to be the gateway to a lifetime of learning and literacy with a new integrated library system that meets the needs of the staff and the community.

Having migrated from an entirely open-source library system, the public library valued the level of support they have received from TLC throughout the implementation process. “We’re so excited to be moving off open-source and moving toward something that really works for our library patrons and staff,” shared Celine Swan, the Grand Island Public Library Director. “This has been more support than we’ve gotten in the past several years with our previous vendor.” TLC prides itself on the support-oriented mentality that goes above and beyond the current industry standard.

“TLC is happy to welcome Grand Island Public Library to the TLC family,” stated founder and CEO, Annette Murphy. “We appreciate the library’s initiative to foster a voice for their community while also optimizing team operations, and we look forward to supporting that mission for many years to come.”

About The Library Corporation
TLC has operated continuously under the same ownership since 1974 and employs over 200 people dedicated to delivering enterprise software and hardware solutions to public, school, academic, and special libraries worldwide. TLC’s cumulative products are deployed in more than 1,100 organizations, representing over 5,500 locations in North America and worldwide. TLC is certified by the U.S. General Services Administration, Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, and the Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contracting Program. TLC’s Headquarters is based in Inwood, W.Va., and has additional offices in Colorado, Minnesota, and Singapore.






Cybersecurity Hygiene for Your Library

Cyber hygiene is a reference to the practices and steps that users of computers and other devices take to maintain system health and improve online security. These practices are often part of a routine to ensure the safety of identity and other details that could be stolen or corrupted. Much like physical hygiene, cyber hygiene is regularly conducted to ward off natural deterioration and common threats. Think of your system as… well… you!

TLC strongly believes in taking a proactive approach to application security for our customers, so much so that we’ve built it into our routine processes; it’s not an afterthought. Part of our development cycle includes continuously assessing the security of our own application and remediating issues as they are found.

Our level of assurance is built into the development cycle for every major release and applicable patch releases, using industry-leading vulnerability analysis tools. We also deploy a DHS CISA check frequently for external testing. In addition to securing our own applications, our hosting and corporate infrastructure are protected by world-class endpoint security.

TLC has teamed up with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to create TLC•Cloud Services, a state-of-the-art cloud-based hosting platform that you and your library can trust to keep your information safe.

Because security is not a one-time event, TLC support is prepared when customers report concerns to replicate with our internal processes and respond as needed with application updates or guidance on local practices to mitigate risk. Please see our case study on the ransomware attack that threatened to cripple TLC customer, Butler County Federated Library System, and the risk-reduction mindset we used to diligently restore data and further protect the library.

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