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See how your library software compares to LibrarySolution for Schools.

The Solution for your School Library

Student-Centric, Responsive
Online Library Catalogs

Responsible Party
Classroom Management

RFID Enabled

24/7 Emergency Support
Unmatched in the Industry

Simplified Cataloging with
Authority Control

Schedule Automatic
Customizable Reports

ORACLE Cloud Hosting
and PII Data Compliance

What TLC Customers Say
“We need to leverage today’s resources and technology for tomorrow’s audience.”
- Deborah (Chesterfield, VA)
“TLC Support is the BEST! I have never had an issue they couldn’t fix and the team is great.”
- John (Putney, VT)
“I felt reassured that we were in compliance with New York State law, but also that we were protecting our student data from any outside non-entities.”
- Lynn (Liberty, NY)
“TLC’s kindness and attention has been indispensable throughout the Coronavirus pandemic while Support’s quick response as a whole has been a crucial resource at this time.”
- Morgan (King George, VA)
“I really like your webinars, they have been so helpful.”
- Cindy (Richardson, TX)
“Your customer service team is excellent. It’s one of your company’s best qualities and I can’t say enough about it.”
- Katherine (Muncie, IN)
LibrarySolution for Schools provides
complete, seamless integration of its
full suite of web-based interfaces.
See how your library software compares to LibrarySolution for Schools.

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