Company History

TLC is founded by the family that still owns and operates the company today.

TLC is the first organization in the world to successfully apply CD-ROM technology to data storage. The devices that burned those first CD-ROMs are now in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C.

The company creates the world’s first multi-media CD-ROM OPAC.

TLC introduces its LibrarySolution® integrated automation system, complete with the first native Web-based PAC that can convert customer data into an online library catalog in hours. LibrarySolution earns TLC the accolade “number one company in new automation sales.”The company’s cataloging service takes advantage of the features of Microsoft Windows® to streamline backroom processes.

TLC acquires CARL Corp., developer of the CARLSolution® ILS that is used by some of the busiest libraries in the world. The original CARL Corp. was formed in 1974, the same year as TLC.

The company announces the creation of LibrarySolution® for Schools, an ILS designed to serve the specialized needs of school libraries.

CARLSolution is succeeded by CARLX™, a next-generation ILS on a Unix® platform designed for large library systems.TLC becomes a majority shareholder in Tech Logic, the first company to create automated material-handling systems exclusively for libraries.

BiblioFile® is introduced as a generational upgrade to TLC’s suite of cataloging tools.The company creates Web Circ to deliver browser-based automation to public and school libraries.

TLC announces LS2, a unified ILS platform that includes Web, client, and mobile interfaces.

TLC launches LS2 Kids, powerful software with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that helps children find exactly what they’re looking for within a library’s collection.

LS2 Mobile allows smart-phone users to connect with their libraries at any time, from any place with mobile or Wi-Fi Internet service.

TLC introduces LS2 Staff, a touchscreen-optimized, tablet-friendly interface that allows a librarian to leave his or her desk and perform circulation tasks anywhere in the library.The “Solutions that Deliver MORE” initiative makes all LS2 products available at no extra cost to LibrarySolution customers, creates an online hosting service, and offers discounts on long-term service agreements.

eBiblioFile launches to provide libraries with customized, ready-to-load MARC records for eResources in 48 hours or less.TLC Labs opens in New York City’s “Silicon Alley” to focus primarily on User Experience and new product development for the entire TLC product line.

CARLConnect development is announced. TLC’s newest product line for the CARLX automation system features mobile, Web-based staff clients developed to empower connections through desk-free interactions with library users, communities, and collections.TLC expands its international operations by opening a satellite office in the United Kingdom. LS2 PAC and LS2 Kids are refreshed to provide responsive designs adaptive for mobile devices.

TLC introduces RDAExpress™, a service that automatically converts a library’s MARC records to the new RDA cataloging standard.eIntegration for Borrower Services allows TLC’s suite of LS2 products to offer eResource integration with OverDrive and Axis 360 digital titles.CARLConnect Circulation, the first of the Web-based CARLX staff clients that offers real-time, mobile, tablet-ready, wireless connection to circulation, is released to beta partners.

TLC joins forces with SocialFlow™ to become its exclusive provider to libraries. SocialFlow is the leading social media management and optimization platform in the United States, providing a service that analyzes traffic and usage data from a customer’s social media sites and automatically delivers relevant content to the right audience at the best time for maximum engagement.

LS2 Cataloging v5.0, a web-based cataloging module, officially releases in August, introducing a modern approach to library metadata management.  TLC•SmartTECH offers the technology to aid libraries makerspace and STEM programs. CARLConnect Discovery is awarded the Gold 2017 Modern Library Award.

LS2 Cataloging is awarded the Platinum 2018 Modern Library Award.  Mackin is added to TLC’s list of third party vendors. LS2 PAC offers borrowers the ability to link their library account via Google OAuth. 

LS2 Kids awarded the 2019 Platinum Modern Library Award.  Many technical improvements were tackled in the early part of the year bringing about changes in LS2 Reports and the inclusion of LS2 Inventory into the workflows of the LS2 Cataloging interface.