Data Services

On-demand records for eResources

When a library places an order with their eResource vendor, eBiblioFile automatically receives information for each title and delivers customized, ready-to-load RDA-ready records directly to the library in 48 hours or less. Libraries also have the option to receive records for previously ordered eResource titles.

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Automatic conversion of MARC records to RDA
The new RDA cataloging standard offers libraries an unprecedented wealth of configurable data, but converting existing MARC records is unwieldy and time consuming. RDAExpress™ handles the task quickly, automatically, and efficiently, saving your library thousands of staff hours and greatly minimizing the impact on its already strained budget.

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One of the world’s largest, most current copy cataloging resources available. With easy access methods – Z39.50 and World Wide Web – MARC records are delivered with the quickest search technology in the library industry. ITSMARCis updated daily with records from the Library of Congress, and a score of other databases are updated weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Best of all, ITSMARC is offered at one low, fixed annual price, so your library can easily budget for access to a massive pool of MARC records.

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