The latest resources available from TLC Marketing to share with your colleagues. In this edition, we share highlights from the TLCU 2020, TLC's annual user group. For the first time in its x-year history, TLCU was presented in a 100% virtual format. Forward this along to your IT system administrator and/or library director. Twitter Pinterest Linkedin Linkedin
Dec 15th 2020
The latest library resources available from TLC Marketing
to share with your colleagues
Forward this along to your IT system administrator and library director!
TLC's Annual User Conference Successfully Transitioned to Virtual
In this edition, we share highlights from TLCU 2020, TLC's annual user group conference. For the first time in the 16-year history of its current iteration, the 3-day TLCU conference was presented in a 100% virtual format. With over 700 customers and staff in attendance on the virtual platform, TLC welcomed new customers, shared product updates and roadmap solutions, and provided a platform for customers to present their altered pandemic workflows and thoughts on the future of libraries.

Note: The contents of TLCU are provided in whole to participants. This is a collection of resources created outside of the conference which highlights the themes discussed during the conference.

LibrarySolution® Product Updates

LibrarySolution 5.6.1 is Here!
The Library Corporation’s latest major update to LibrarySolution® was released before the conference, and attendees were already complimenting the enhancements and new features found within version 5.6.1 of the Library Management System.

A Snapshot of LibrarySolution's Latest Release
The newest version of LibrarySolution® is here with exciting new features and enhancements, such as RFID integration for Inventory workflows, further enhanced LS2 PAC content via Syndetics Unbound, and continued improvements to authority control.

LibrarySolution and Syndetics Unbound
LibrarySolution‘s next-generation, dynamic data enrichment is here! Syndetics Unbound combines and expands two enrichment platforms you know and love — Syndetic Solutions and LibraryThing for Libraries — and provides a unified enrichment solution to quickly and affordably transform LibrarySolution® — and your library.

CARL Product Updates

CARL Development Centered on Customer Priorities and Innovation
TLC’s commitment to working alongside customers as development partners fuels development investments TLC continuously makes to the CARL product platform. As a result of this collaboration, CARLX™ version 9.6.6, CARLConnect Staff version 1.6.2, CARLConnect Discovery version 3.6.1 and CARLX APIs version 1.9.7 were released before the conference.

A Snapshot of the Latest CARLConnect Product Release
The newest versions of CARLConnect Discovery and CARLConnect Staff are here with exciting new and enhanced features, such as additional patron-focused options in the mobile catalog, a FRBRized online catalog to group like titles, and updates to the mobile holds fulfillment functionality for staff via Fill List.

CARL Customers Rise to the Pandemic Challenge
TLC’s CARLX™ Library Management Software customers are a knowledgeable, tight-knit group of libraries who are involved in developing CARLX™ products to reflect their emerging needs. Prior to the conference, the CARL Customer Relations team organized a series of Post-Pandemic group video calls with CARL’s libraries to share ideas, strategies, and workflows regarding re-opening and providing curbside or hands-free services. This level of collaboration and idea sharing continued through the conference with customer-led sessions and roundtable discussions.

TLC Initiatives: Data Services and Cloud Hosting

At Your (Data) Service
Years ago, TLC invented two data services that assisted libraries — regardless of ILS vendor — which were geared toward assisting customers to adjust to the development of RDA as a standard and the explosion of eBooks. Now, as libraries focus on the importance of discovery layers, RDAExpress and eBiblioFile have become important tools to libraries yet again.

The Library Corporation Powers Libraries Worldwide
with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Replacing traditional co-location hosting services, TLC has started leveraging Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to deliver world-class products and services to all TLC customers, and to improve on TLC’s core mission: provide an outstanding and unexpectedly high level of service.


Extending Library Services Using the NovelBranch Mini-Library
TLC•SmartTECH has partnered with Convergent Library Technologies to help libraries safely extend their community reach with NovelBranch – a mini-library with 24/7 access. Using only a network cable and power outlet, NovelBranch can provide valuable library services in a variety of outreach locations: nursing homes, hospitals, schools, community centers, and more! Plus NovelBranch can be used to offer extended access to Curbside services — patrons only need their library card.

Legends of Learning
Who doesn’t love playing games? TLC•SmartTECH has partnered with Legends of Learning to help librarians and teachers create fun and productive learning environments through research-driven curriculum-based games. Using ongoing, original research to create a marketplace filled with an epic range of curriculum-based games for stronger subject mastery and classroom (or virtual classroom) engagement, this adaptable and comprehensive edgame platform can be easily launched throughout your entire school system or right from your library.

TLC•SmartTECH has partnered with to provide libraries with access to the TAPit®, a Touch Accessible Platform for Interactive Technology. It is the first assistive learning center using “intended touch” to serve each individual’s special needs. TAPit® serves a wide range of individual special needs with the following Key Features: Intended and Multi-Touch, Accessibility & ADA Compliance, Safety, Versatility, and Operating System Compatibility.

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