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Navigating a library automation system should not require a working knowledge of cryptic icons, confusing menus, and multiple windows scattered on the screen. Doesn’t your library deserve better? TLC’s expansive list of user-requested features is carefully and purposefully presented to your staff and patrons in easy-to-use AND easy-to-learn interfaces.

  • Web-based automation
  • Touchscreen-optimized interfaces
  • Tablet-friendly functionality
  • E-book integration that allows you to download titles from within the PAC
  • Integrated technical processing and cataloging tools
  • Specific and separately designed OPACs for children and adults
  • Advanced searching and ad-hoc reporting for every staff member
  • Automatic authority control and updating
  • LS2 Reports, a powerful reports management tool
  • Real-time inventory
  • Customizable interfaces
  • Automatic backups
  • Configurable security
  • Minimal system administration
  • Single log-in powered by Active Directory™ integration
  • Academic Reserves
  • Interactive, dynamic bookshelf for your library’s titles
  • LS2 Preferences, a centralized interface to manage your location and system-level settings

TLC’s Reading Level Integration is a powerful service that pulls data directly from Lexile and Accelerated Reader vendors and associates by ISBN for searching and display in LS2 PAC, LS2 Kids, and LS2 Staff.  This means your catalog will always be up to date with the most current reading level data while reducing your cataloging time.  TLC’s Reading Level Integration has robust searching capabilities as users can search by an individual reading level or a specified range, and see the information directly in their search results.

Included with LibrarySolution

LS2 PAC is an elegantly designed, flexible, multi-application platform that merges library automation with the user-friendly, responsive platform for any screen or device

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TLC’s LS2 Cataloging for LibrarySolution delivers robust yet intuitive Web-based tools that simplify cataloging for everyone from seasoned collections technicians to first-year library assistants..

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Smart Circulation for Libraries
LS2 Staff combines a full-featured circulation client with the convenience of a Web-based product.

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LS2 Kids is the children’s version of TLC’s successful LS2 PAC – the same technology with new features oriented to younger library users. It’s powerful software with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that helps children find exactly what they’re looking for within a library’s collection.

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For an additional fee, you may also want to consider:

eIntegration for Borrower Services
TLC’s suite of LS2 products is optimized to allow borrowers to view and download OverDrive™ and Baker & Taylor Axis 360 eResources without leaving the familiar environment of your library’s catalog.

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Online Selection & Acquisitions (OSA) is a comprehensive, standalone solution that supports all aspects of collection development, acquisitions, fund management, and order management.

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Simplify your library’s fine-collection process with TLC’s ECommerce enhancement for the LibrarySolution and CARLSolution integrated library systems.

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