TLC’s LS2 Cataloging for LibrarySolution is the next step in the evolution of cataloging for the modern library.

LS2 Cataloging moves beyond the constraints of traditional record editing and supports a diversity of users enabling them to quickly and accurately describe library resources without extensive training in specific standards. LS2 Cataloging increases organizational efficiencies and standardizes metadata entry, where applicable. LS2 Cataloging introduces numerous tools and features which will allow any user, from the most seasoned cataloger to a staff member entering data for the first time, to ensure their borrowers have the best search and discovery experience possible.

Additional features that set LS2 Cataloging apart include:

  • An exclusive automatch component that eliminates the need to spend hours sifting through records to find the right ones.
  • A powerful workflow improvement allowing catalogers to easily modify formats during copy cataloging. We call it Alchemy because it works like magic!
  • A fully RDA-ized record editor that supports the information needs of today’s libraries.
  • A revolutionary macro service to accommodate the needs of bulk database editing.
  • 100% MARC compliance for complete importing and exporting of MARC-formatted records, yet designed to incorporate the metadata structures of the future.
  • Customizable permission controls that allow library management to determine access levels for individual staff members.
  • The ability for catalogers to create multiple workspaces that can be shared with other users
  • A simplified item duplication process for easy distribution of multiple items throughout alibrary system.
  • Unique barcode generation plus the utilization of pre-ordered barcodes.
  • Simplified label printing with more than 170 pre-formatted label configurations.

“LS2 Cataloging is web-based, plain-language cataloging — no need to memorize MARC tags anymore! And I love the idea that you can share records because collaborating or conferring with other staff is helpful when you’re stuck on something.” ~ Robyn Martin, The Lovett School, GA

“LS2 Cataloging is a positive step forward for everyone involved. Thanks for creating a new module that’s ahead of the curve!” ~ Ruth Hayden, Smyrna Public Library, GA