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Does your library vendor support your library’s initiatives?

See how your library software compares
to CARLSolution:

The Solution for your Library

Online Library Catalogs with
FRBR / Grouped Title Display

100% Web-Based Circulation
and Dynamic Item Lists

RDA-Enabled and Search
Engine Optimized Cataloging

24/7 Emergency Support
Unmatched in the Industry

Real-Time Analytics and
Ad Hoc SQL Reports

Full Suite of APIs for
Complete Customization

Cloud Hosting Services
and Proactive Data Security

What TLC Customers Say
“CARL is good out-of-the-box. But since I have so much access to the APIs, the data, and the reports, I really can do my own thing with it.”
- Matthew Mattson, Los Angeles Public Library
“This is not something that one usually says, but I really love my ILS vendor! I really do!”
- Lynn Hoffman, Somerset County Library System
“Thank you for creating the space to help us feel like we are heard and for ensuring the various lines of communication are open and inviting.”
- James Staub, Nashville Public Library
“We have been very impressed by TLC’s quick response to requests for software enhancements. We have never had a vendor that listened to us before and it’s a real novelty.”
- Celia Morse, The Library Network
“I like the transparency of the roadmap. That’s really helpful to see what other libraries are looking at and how our desires fit in that grand scheme of things.”
- Risa Jensen-Jones, Metropolitan Library System
“TLC works with individual libraries to meet their needs, while incorporating these enhancements into their standard products for the benefit of all customers.”
- Pamela Principe, Monroe County Library System
CARLSolution provides
complete, seamless integration of its
full suite of web-based interfaces.

See how your library software compares
to CARLSolution:

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