Business Development Manager

Mike Willis
Business Development Manager
Phone: 800.325.7759

The Library Corporation is excited to announce the repositioning of veteran sales representative Mike Willis as its new Business Development Manager.  Mike has over 13 years of experience with TLC, holding various positions including Support Representative, Chief Instructor, Senior Project Manager, and Sales Representative.

Mike will take on the task of growing the TLCSmartTECH customer base using his technical background along with his sales expertise. TLC has always been a pioneer in library hardware and services and theTLCSmartTECH product line reinforces our presence in the market. For 43 years TLC has deployed innovative hardware and technology solutions to libraries and school districts, from Microfiche readers in 1974 to standardized testing tablet carts of today, continuing our long tradition of providing best of breed technology with unrivaled support.

TLC has recently partnered with Radix™, to provide a single device management solution for all stakeholders including teachers, students, parents, and IT professionals. Mike Willis – in conjunction with Library Journal – recently conducted a webinar outlining how TLC’s device management solutions establish a true learning partnership between home and school while streamlining and expanding device access and management.  Click on the link to find out more and register for the on-demand webinar: