TLC Data Ownership, Retention, and Destruction

All bibliographic, item, fine, user, borrower, and other records entered into the customer’s database or supplied to The Library Corporation by the customer are and shall remain the sole property of the customer. The Library Corporation shall not, without the customer’s written consent, copy or use such records except to carry out contracted work, and shall not, unless directed by an authorized representative of the customer, transfer such records to any other party not involved in the performance of the contract.

Upon termination of the service agreement, TLC will retain the customer’s data for a period of up to 90 days, after which it will be destroyed. Specific customers may request modified retention periods — 30 days is common — by contract, but 90 days is the default if not specified. The purpose of this retention period is to enable reversion or exit services requests made by the customer within a reasonable period following the termination date, and not for any analysis or business purposes. Customers may request accelerated data destruction following termination of the service agreement in writing from an authorized representative.