TLC Hosting

Catastrophic data loss cripples library budgets and operations.  TLC Hosting takes care of your IT tasks and frees you from the headaches of server purchases, data backups, and scheduled updates.  Whether you’re using LibrarySolution or CARLX, your TLC automation system gets the most efficient support services, and you have the comfort of knowing that your data is safe and secure in our monitored climate-controlled hosting facility.

  • Constant protection and monitoring of your library’s database.
  • Nightly data backups and emergency data recovery.
  • Backup generators to ensure an uninterrupted electrical supply  for your TLC-hosted server.
  • Powerful firewall and virus protection.
  • Secure 24/7 access to your automation software.
  • No IT staff required at your location.
  • No worries about obsolescent hardware or storage capacity.
  • TLC’s technicians immediately address any server-related problems.
  • More available space and lower utility costs for your library.
  • Pricing tiered to library size and transaction level, making  TLC Hosting affordable and easy to budget for any  size district or system.






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