🎥TLC Cloud Services

Circulating a Classroom Library During a Pandemic

Libraries in the Time of COVID… a discussion

🎥User Experience Design in Library Software (and why it matters)

🎥Everyone can build a list’ – Utilizing Lists & Actions

Curbside and Other Workflows for Library Services During a Pandemic

🎥Library•Solution and Syndetics Unbound

🎥Telling an Advocacy Story to the Statistically-Minded

🎥CARL•Connect Circulation On-the-Go, Curbside, and Beyond

🎥Modern Acquisitions workflows for libraries too busy to use an acquisitions module.

🎥At Your (Data) Service

🎥Record Groupings/Clusters (etc.) and the Future of PACs

🎥LS2 Inventory Overview

🎥Marketing Automation in Public Libraries




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