Welcome to The Library Corporation’s Webinar Series.

Most webinars will feature a 30-minute presentation and interactive Q&A session. Below is the upcoming webinar schedule. Archived presentations from past webinars will be available to the right. Since 1974, The Library Corporation’s singular focus has been to provide outstanding and unparalleled service to its customers. TLC’s software systems and hardware solutions are trusted by more than 5,500 libraries and media centers worldwide who rely on TLC’s tradition of pioneering technology products backed by industry-leading support.

There are no webinars scheduled at this time. We will have a new webinar posted soon. Email TLCmarketing@TLCdelivers.com if you would like to receive updates.


Past Webinar Materials

🎥[WEBINAR] Skip the RFP Process and Join a Purchasing Cooperative for Library Software

[WEBINAR] Five Elements of a Successful RFP Process for Library Software

🎥[DEMO] Explore Digital OPAC Integrations with Library•Solution

[DEMO] LS2 Cataloging: Cataloging for Every Librarian

🎥[WEBINAR] The Power of Good Metadata on PAC Discoverability

🎥[WEBINAR] Cyber Hygiene: How TLC Safeguards Customer Data

🎥[DEMO] Library•Solution for Schools

Shedding Light on School Support: Tales from Client Services in a Pandemic

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Demo: CARL•Connect Staff on the Go

🎥The Power of Analytics and LS2 Reports

🎥Meet the 2021 Modern Library Award Winners at TLC

K-12 School Libraries: Voices from the Pandemic, pt 3

🎥Urban Libraries: Voices from the Pandemic, pt 2

Rural Libraries: Voices from the Pandemic, pt 1

🎥“I Do Not Love the Pandemic” – 5 Customer Success Strategies for Fall 2020

🎥Extending Library Services Using the NovelBranch Mini-Library

21st Century Library Software – A Snapshot of the Latest CARL•Connect Product Release

🎥Even Better Than Before?! – A Snapshot of Library•Solution’s Latest Release

🎥Empower with Accessible Learning: Providing access to digital media for library users with special needs using TAPit®

🎥Not All Heroes Wear Capes: Becoming a Legend in (Virtual) Learning

🎥TLC Cloud Services

Circulating a Classroom Library During a Pandemic

Libraries in the Time of COVID… a discussion

🎥User Experience Design in Library Software (and why it matters)

🎥Everyone can build a list’ – Utilizing Lists & Actions

Curbside and Other Workflows for Library Services During a Pandemic

🎥Library•Solution and Syndetics Unbound

🎥Telling an Advocacy Story to the Statistically-Minded

🎥CARL•Connect Circulation On-the-Go, Curbside, and Beyond

🎥Modern Acquisitions workflows for libraries too busy to use an acquisitions module.

🎥At Your (Data) Service

🎥Record Groupings/Clusters (etc.) and the Future of PACs

🎥LS2 Inventory Overview

🎥Marketing Automation in Public Libraries