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All live webinars feature an interactive Q&A session. Below is the upcoming webinar schedule. Archived presentations from past webinars will be available below by year.

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Past Webinar Materials

🎥 How Rich is Your Catalog?
June 5, 2024

🎥 Discover the Top 5 Reports to Run Before Summer
May 15, 2024

🎥 Is Your Summer Booked? TLC Has Event Management!
May 1, 2024

🎥 TLC Loves Libraries
February 14, 2024

🎥 Improve Your Search and Discovery with TLC Cataloging Authorities
January 31, 2024

🎥 One-Click Access to Engaging PreK-12 Literature Resources
January 24, 2024

🎥 RFID Shelf Management & Inventory with TLC and Tech Logic
January 17, 2024

🎥 Managing Classroom Collections with TLC and CLCD
November 29, 2023

🎥 Configure It Your Way: An ILS Designed for Every School Library
September 27, 2023

🎥 Genrefy Your School Library Collection with Confidence
August 16, 2023

Webinar Archive (2023)

🎥 From e-Book to Discovery Layer & Everything in Between | TLC & Mackin
May 17, 2023

🎥 Build Library Reports More Intuitively with Reports Studio
March 22, 2023

🎥 Resolution: Help Your Students Read More This Year
January 25, 2023

Webinar Archive (2022)

🎥 New Year, New Books: Collection Development Based on Your Holiday Wishlist
December 14, 2022

🎥 Before Disaster Strikes: Formulating a Disaster Response Plan
November 16, 2022

🎥 Help, I’ve Been Hacked! What To Do in a Ransomware Attack?

🎥 What’s New in CARL•Solution?

🎥 Back-to-School Part 2: Preparing for First Week Success

🎥 Back-to-School Part 1: Cataloging for Teacher-Librarians

🎥 3 Reasons to Host Your Library Software in the Cloud

🎥 Manage Your School Library Collection with Library•Solution for Schools

🎥TLC’s Summer Checklist for Schools

🎥 Extend Your School’s Library Presence with NovelBranch

🎥 Customer-Centric Data Experts: Can an ILS Migration really be EASY?

 Save Time with these Reports for School Libraries

🎥Understanding Cybersecurity for Libraries

🎥 Enriched MARC Records for your eResources, Delivered Automatically

🎥 See FRBR in Action: TLC’s Multiyear Award-Winning Catalog

🎥 Equip Your Students with Anytime Library Access using TLC•Go!

 Empower Your Patrons Anywhere using TLC•Go!

Webinar Archive (2021)

🎥 circTRAK Shelf Manager: Revolutionize Your Catalog and Inventory Management

🎥 Skip the RFP Process and Join a Purchasing Cooperative for Library Software

🎥 Five Elements of a Successful RFP Process for Library Software

🎥 Explore Digital OPAC Integrations with Library•Solution

🎥 LS2 Cataloging: Cataloging for Every Librarian 

🎥 The Power of Good Metadata on PAC Discoverability

🎥 Cyber Hygiene: How TLC Safeguards Customer Data

🎥 Library•Solution for Schools

🎥 Shedding Light on School Support: Tales from Client Services in a Pandemic

🎥 CARL•Connect Staff on the Go

🎥 The Power of Analytics and LS2 Reports

🎥 Meet the 2021 Modern Library Award Winners at TLC

Webinar Archive (2020)

🎥 K-12 School Libraries: Voices from the Pandemic, pt 3

🎥 Urban Libraries: Voices from the Pandemic, pt 2

🎥 Rural Libraries: Voices from the Pandemic, pt 1

🎥“I Do Not Love the Pandemic” – 5 Customer Success Strategies for Fall 2020

🎥 Extending Library Services Using the NovelBranch Mini-Library

🎥 21st Century Library Software – A Snapshot of the Latest CARL•Connect Product Release

🎥 Even Better Than Before?! – A Snapshot of Library•Solution’s Latest Release

🎥 Empower with Accessible Learning: Providing access to digital media for library users with special needs using TAPit®

🎥 Not All Heroes Wear Capes: Becoming a Legend in (Virtual) Learning

🎥 TLC Cloud Services

🎥 Circulating a Classroom Library During a Pandemic

🎥 Libraries in the Time of COVID… a discussion

🎥 User Experience Design in Library Software (and why it matters)

🎥 Everyone can build a list’ – Utilizing Lists & Actions

🎥 Curbside and Other Workflows for Library Services During a Pandemic

🎥 Library•Solution and Syndetics Unbound

🎥 Telling an Advocacy Story to the Statistically-Minded

🎥 CARL•Connect Circulation On-the-Go, Curbside, and Beyond

🎥 Modern Acquisitions workflows for libraries too busy to use an acquisitions module.

🎥 At Your (Data) Service

🎥 Record Groupings/Clusters (etc.) and the Future of PACs

🎥 LS2 Inventory Overview

🎥 Marketing Automation in Public Libraries